0.7.8 Alpha (16-Mar-15)
Fixes crashing when right-clicking blocks (with post-TD CoFH mods).
0.7.7 Alpha (24-Dec-14)
GUI Overlay when you walk over Transport Ring Platforms.
Made the Configuration file better.
Nerfed Naquadah generation and made it configurable.
Slightly lowered Loot Pod generation.
Lowered min distance between Transport Rings from 10 to 5 blocks.
0.7.6 Alpha (10-Dec-14)
Crashing on some JVMs when ComputerCraft wasn't present.
Overhauled mod integration system.
0.7.5 Alpha (05-Oct-14)
Ported to Minecraft 1.7.10
Minor fixes.
0.7.4 Alpha (29-Jul-14)
Server randomly crashing on boot.
Clients crashing when rendering on partially-loaded worlds. Probably.
0.7.3 Alpha (23-Jun-14)
Buffed Abstract Bus Cable recipe output.
Naquadah Blocks merging with and transforming into Naquadah Ore.
0.7.2 Alpha (15-Jun-14)
Tinker's Construct integration :D
Naquadah Block, a storage solution for ingots.
Players being unable to write underscores in Shield Controller GUI.
0.7.1 Alpha (05-Jun-14)
Shield Controllers can now be crafted. My bad :|
Crash when CC wasn't present. Also my bad :|
0.7.0 Alpha (04-Jun-14)
API now allows custom world/address generation.
Abstract Bus machines can now provide feedback.
CoFH Friend system can be used to configure shields. Currently disabled until CoFH provides client sync.
GUI Tabs.
Sided configuration.
The Particle Ionizer can now accept liquids.
Complete overhaul of the Shield-related systems (particle ionizer, shield emitters, etc).
Overhauled the machine abstraction layer.
Stargate and Transport Ring lighting bugs.
0.6.5 Alpha (04-Feb-14)
API now exposes more features.
Split the Core module into Automation, Core, Enemy, Energy, Factory, Transport and World.
Massively buffed the Particle Ionizer.
0.6.4 Alpha (31-Jan-14)
Stargates can now have their wormholes disconnected from the Abstract Bus.
Stargates can now be dialed with custom Wormhole timeouts.
Changed the Stargate's Abstract Bus protocol.
Stargates now require 20K RF in order to dial (source gate only).
Transport Rings can now be activated from the Abstract Bus.
Transport Rings can skip platforms when activated from the Bus.
0.6.3 Alpha (25-Jan-14)
Fixed integration plugins not running. It's more than one might think.
0.6.2 Alpha (23-Jan-14)
Added ThermalExpansion 3 support
Dropped Buildcraft 4. And good riddance!
Changed recipes a bit
Made Abstract Bus Adapters retrievable from the world
0.6.1 Alpha (13-Jan-14)
Abstract Bus Cables as loot in Loot Pods
Recipes for Abstract Bus Cables and Abstract Bus Adapters
Shield Emitters not persisting administrative shutdown state
Obfuscation problems with the Abstract Bus API
0.6.0 Alpha (13-Jan-14)
Abstract Bus
Stargate spawns in Desert biomes
ComputerCraft Integration: Computers can handle the Abstract Bus through the Abstract Bus Adapter block
Finished the Stargates: they now dial
Nerfed Loot Pod spawns
Loot Pod spawns configurable on the server side
Shield Emitters can be enabled and disabled through the Abstract Bus
0.5.1 Alpha (26-Dec-13)
Unnecessary synchronization
Nerfed tank sizes on Particle Ionizers and Shield Emitters
Shield Emitter range can be configured on the server side
Naquadah Ore visible through "invisible" chunks
Placing a Stargate crashing clients while on remote servers
Naquadah ore not mineable with Tinker's Construct awesome tools
0.5.0 Alpha (24-Dec-13)
0.4.2 Alpha (06-Nov-13)
Shield Emitters now can only be removed or configured by the player who placed them
Block / Item ID allocation is now smarter and prevents collisions
0.4.1 Alpha (04-Nov-13)
Modified Naquadah Capacitor GUI
Naquadah Capacitor bad upgrade behavior
Wrong loot in loot pods
0.4.0 Alpha (24-Oct-13)
Naquadah Capacitor
Naquadah Power Crystals
Semiconductor Lattice Blend and Circuit Crystals
Naquadah Derivates: Dust, Bar, Plate
Changed recipes to make a deeper recipe tree
0.3.1 Alpha (17-Oct-13)
Lantean Wall block appear in Loot Pods
Players carrying Personal Shields randomly crashing upon being damaged
Shield Emitters not considering "pseudo-air" blocks to be air
0.3.0 Alpha (07-Oct-13)
Lantean Wall blocks, available in 16 colors
World-generated Loot Pods, containing chests with loot
Personal Shields. Go hug a Creeper!
0.2.1 Alpha (16-Sep-13)
Transport Ring Platform drops when wrenched
0.2.0 Alpha (15-Sep-13)
Transport Ring Platform
0.1.2 Alpha (28-Aug-13)
IC2 Integration: Scrap, Scrap Boxes and UU-Matter can be used as ionizable matter
Dedicated server crashes
0.1.1 Alpha (27-Aug-13)
Shield Emitters and Particle Ionizers drop as blocks when wrenched
0.1.0 Alpha (26-Aug-13)
Shield Emitters
Particle Ionizers
Naquadah Rails
Tablet PC
Naquadah ores and ingots
API Draft